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Fungicide Memberships

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Program enrollment auto-renews in 12 months unless notice is delivered 30 days in advance of renewal.

Whether you currently have disease and fungus present or will have it soon this application is THE BEST one to protect your investment!

Summer is officially here and disease is taking over yards throughout the area. Hot. Humid. Dew points are above 65 degrees. You need to act now to protect what you have worked hard to build and that is the quality of your lawn. The solution is to apply fungicide now to stop the takeover and allow your yard to heal.  Here are a few pictures to help identify what disease looks like and not mistake it for cool season turf going dormant due to the extreme heat.

If you see any of this in your yard we are here to help (see pictures of a lawn in St. Charles that was untreated and now taken over). Contact us today.  

Fungus Facts:

Turf diseases are fungal in origin.

“Seeds“ (actually, spores) of the pathogen are floating around microscopically in the air all around us, all the time. Waiting to land on a susceptible host (your lawn) under the right conditions and disfigure/kill grass.

Favorable environment for turf disease development is temperatures in the 80s – 90’s with nighttime lows in the 60’s. High humidity. Look for dewpoint temperatures consistently staying above 65°, day and night. All the features of a typical 24 hours in every St. Louis summer day. And exactly the conditions we’ve enjoyed in the past couple of weeks. The clock is ticking.

Diseases can be devastating. Patches of blighted, in some cases even dead grass to look at for the remainder of the summer. No hope to recover until Aeration/ Over Seeding in the fall.

All that damage can be prevented though by one or in some cases two, well-timed fungicide applications..