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Is your lawn green and weed-free? Did you know the best way to control weeds is a healthy dense lawn? Ecosystems & All Wet lawn fertilization and lawn management services can help! Feed your lawn what it’s craving and reap the benefits.Your lawn needs to be fertilized like many other lawns all sound New Jersey. Lawn fertilizer can help your grass grow lush green again if you get it fertilized correctly!

However, it takes professional knowledge to apply the fertilizer correctly and get the right results. The wrong application can cause symptoms such as slow growth, invasive weeds, and even dying grass.We also go beyond just fertilization. Our 6 step comprehensive plan includes added benefits featuring crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control (such as dandelions, and clover) in conjunction with great add-on beneficial services such as surface insect control, grub proofing, and aeration/over seeding for that added touch of superior results..

So why trust Ecosystems & All Wet to fertilize your lawn?
Our state-certified applicators are cross-trained to take care of every need your lawn has from fertilization to irrigation. We are unique in the sense that not only do we provide superior results on your grass keeping it weed-free and green, but we can also set up, maintain, and adjust your irrigation system to ensure your lawn is being hydrated properly.